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We represent the products of the enterprise Pressmash. Over the years of the enterprise's existence, the production of the widest range of hydraulic presses with effort from 0,5 to 2,500 tons on the basis of which technological complexes of any designation can be designed and manufactured. All technological complexes are equipped with devices for mechanized feeding of blanks and removal of finished products, management tools of varying degrees of automation. Currently, there are more than 50 types of machines and units in the company's nomenclature. The equipment of the enterprise has been working for decades. Catalog on the site can also be used as a guide to equipment.If necessary, we can offer documentation for all equipment for maintenance and repair.

Company's history:

  • 01.12.1952 - founding of Odessa press factory.
  • 1976 - creation of Odessa press industrial association.
  • 31.12.1994 - establishig of the Goint Stock Company "PressMash"

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